About Us

About Us

Mathis Rehab Centers began in 2003 in Manhattan, Kansas. Our goal was to be of service to others by providing innovative, team based patient centered care.

Mathis Rehab Centers serves communities in northeast Kansas, from Manhattan to Emporia. We have six facilities that provide physical, occupational, speech, and behavioral therapy services for adults and children. Our latest location, Katie’s Way, was established to provide psychology and psychiatry services for ages 2-26.

Mathis is able to bring needed services to our communities by using a combination of service delivery strategies. These include partnerships with hospitals and non-profit organizations as well as a freestanding outpatient clinics located in Manhattan. All facilities combined, Mathis performs over 5,600 patient visits per month. Mathis employs 103 dedicated professional and support staff.

As we continue to evolve and expand, we will never lose sight of the goal with which the company was founded over 12 years ago, to be of service to others.

Mathis Corporate Office

2021 Vanesta Place, Suite D
Manhattan, Kansas 66503

(785) 320-6616